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What is SEO Ranking? Is SEO Ranking important? Mark Lockwood from Improved Internet Marketing talks with Nebraska TV about the importance of search engine optimization.

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Welcome back well you as a business of course want to market yourself and put yourself out there so we

and help for you here and Mark Lockwood joining us from improved Internet Marketing dotcom is where you can look him up to and more

information as well, but we’re talking about positioning ourselves so you can for instance search out on Google your business up towards the top and there is a way we can do that.

Yes there is we’ve got to look at the whole aspect of the website to be honest

Google under the search engines don’t released their analytics system that says

this is what we would require to go to number one so we’ve got to look at the different

web sites out there and work out why the ranking high so we could rank other websites higher

so what are some of tricks that we can and there’s like equations and all that stuff right

these are a lot of equations at the moment Google seems to be look more for

back links the type of

social network media that people can do out there bloging the writing

articles etc and submit to them that helps dramatically with your website you can in sort of information out there are about what you our about

Any other isn’t updating constantly updating does the whole you get higher in the ranking to

when yes it does a stagnated site typical of the fix html sites

outdated now you’ve got to be there on the edge all the time so we need to be writing everything

actually imagine to put into that site and a daily basis if you can

Google check your site if you’re updating two to three times a week [COUGH] that’s going to make a big increase in your ranking

And i was obviously viewer-ship too of people want to see

something new as well right?

There’s nothing worse them going to website that hasn’t changed for three to four years know if it’s changing

every week people do come back a lot more because the go and hey you know what’s new today

If someone has a business and they have a site and maybe they think well i need i need some help on this are you person they can go to what do they do? what are some steps?

They contact myself this several of the companies around that do SEO which is search engine optimization and we’re able basically to look at them websites to do a analytics study on them and so hey this is where we need to go and you go to look at the market that you’re going to be aiming at as well which is very very important if you’re just specifically for a local market why aim for the whole world you know look at just putting your marketplace local in some advantages are, I know local shops we’er they are saying hey our businesses local but the products can be sold worldwide and that’s we sort of need to [UM] say hey we could do this some of part of it and we can maintain this on this

Alright, well if you do have questions is where you can go and also our website nebraska tv we’ll have a link there for you as well. We’ll be right back.

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