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You hear the term all the time, but how do you actually rank higher in the biggest search engines like Google? I know when I first heard the term SEO sixteen years ago, it sounded very difficult and only a few people understood how to do it.

The reality is, SEO isn’t rocket science. Some SEO YouTubers would have you believe it takes years of dedicated study to understand it, but I don’t think that’s true at all. I believe you can see big leaps in your SEO ranking by simply following my words.

I’ve created this video with 4 tactics I would like you to focus on in 2018:

#1 Keywords – Understanding the meaning and choosing good keywords.

#2 Content – Create good original content, publishing it on your website, and sharing it on social media.

#3 Update your Website – Your website has a heart beat! If you want to rank on Google, you must update your website regularily.

#4 Google Reviews – Invite and encourage previous clients to leave honest review of your product or service with a Google review.

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  1. Fabio Peters says:

    Hey Chris! Great video as usual.
    Do you recommend SEMrush for SEO stats? If so, do you recommend one of their monthly plans? Is it worth it?

    • A Nerd's World says:

      I am currently signed up for the GURU account with SEMrush which is $200 US per month.  Although it is pricey, I do find that this is the best tool for my craft. I’ve tried others, but i’ve always come back to SEMrush.  The only reason I went with the GURU option is because I manage 10+ other clients SERPS under this account.

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